Bringing Youth to the Organ

Capture Their Attention

– Let them play a piano song on the organ
– Add a few pedal notes or pedalpoint to a song they know
– Pick out a song by ear or teach by rote on manuals (a favorite: Bach Toccata in D Minor)
– Pick out a song by ear on pedals
– Explore stops and sounds – how does it change their song? What do they hear?

Show Them What’s Possible

  • Attend an organ recital or watch online
    – Look up your local chapter of the American Guild of Organists click here
  • Visit churches with pipe organs (AGO or Organ Historical Society  click here)
  • Visit a fun organ i.e. Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, AZ click here, or a silent movie theater showing (American
    Theater Organ Society) click here
  • Experience well-supported hymn accompaniment (hymn festival or in church with well-supported accompaniment)
  • Pedals, Pipes & Pizza – AGO sponsors, but you can design your own click here for an example of one
  • Summer Organ Camp click here for an example of one
  • Stake / Ward training click here for link to slides for Basic training
  • BYU Organ Workshops
    o Online during BYU Organ Workshop in August: click here
    o Summer Festival: click here
    o Youth track of traveling workshops: click here
  • Scholarship programs (i.e. example here; look for your local
    AGO chapter click here)
  • Online resources (local chapter or national at click here
  • Pipe Organ Encounter: click here
  • Orgelkids organ building kit click here to find one
  • Get involved yourself (workshops, events, master classes, activities)
  • Start your own group
    o Offer camps, resources, training, field trips, etc. for youth!
  • Need an expert? Contact your local AGO chapter

Engage in learning

  • Teach individuals or groups
    • teach during piano lessons
    • teach weekly, monthly, or once
  • Methods

Get them performing

  • Staged approach for church service
    • 1 piece for prelude
    • all of the prelude
    • prelude/postlude
    • prelude + 1 hymn
    • prelude, 1 hymn, postlude
    • whole service
  • Build small successes first
    • play for 1 person or small group
    • play with someone conducting
    • practice with recording of hymn playing click here for LDS hymn player
    • adversity training
      • distractions
      • with metronome
      • on different instrument
      • record themselves
  • Preparation is key!